About Frazier's Harley-Davidson®

Why Frazier's Harley-Davidson®?

Frazier’s was established in 1970 serving Braselton, Gainesville, Buford, Lawrenceville, and beyond. The business began in a small barn with a tin roof and a wood-burning stove. Customers would come from miles around to get good deals and good service from an honest hardworking family. In July 1992, the Fraziers made a trip to Milwaukee to fulfill a lifelong dream of being an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer. Ever since that day, we have tried to maintain the type of family values and dedication that brought us to this point.

Today we have a new facility with all of the modern technologies. Our family business has grown to over 35 highly trained and expert employees. Even though the size of the building and the number of employees have grown, we realize the most important thing is that our customers make us who we are and we will do every thing possible to ensure your long term satisfaction.

Why Should You Buy From Us?

When we pour our love, passion and inspiration into what we do it shows you who we are and that we really LOVE what we do, You, the customer, are perceptive. You can tell if we are genuine & sincere. Remember that we are here to serve you and to create lifelong relationships. When someone asks us "Why should I buy from you?" our response should be "Me. I am the difference". All of the advertising or events in the world can not change the experience that we give when you walk through the door. Our employees are the difference! We never want to be the "biggest dealer" because it's not about us, it's about being the best dealer for you [the customer].

The Employees of Frazier's Harley-Davidson®

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