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If you've decided you want to finance your new Harley-Davidson®, you're not alone. Seventy percent of enthusiasts do. With a minimum down payment and approved credit, you can arrange credit financing with us and get out on the road a few hours after picking out your CVO™, Dyna®, Street™, Softail®, Sportster®, Touring, Trike and more.

Plus, you can add in all your parts and accessories, apparel, insurance and more. You'll have everything you need, and you only have to make one monthly payment.

And because we finance more CVO™, Dyna®, Street™, Softail®, Sportster®, Touring and Trike models than anyone else, we understand your special needs. Only someone who knows how you feel when you hit the starter button understands that hitting the road ASAP is your biggest concern. That's why we make it easy.

Call or come by today and we will be glad to help you with:

  • Financing your dream bike up to 84 months on certain models and $0 down in some cases
  • Extended Service Plans
  • GAP protection
  • Accessories and clothing financed with your bike

Take the first step. Choosing your favorite bike can be hard, financing is easy. We can make your dream of owning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle a reality.

Used bike anytime extended warranty

That's right! If you are out of your manufacturer warranty, Harley-Davidson® can extend that for you! For eligible bikes up to 12 years old with less than 75k miles, make an appointment to get the bike certified in our service department. This takes a little over an hour and costs $117.00. If it passes inspection, then you’re ready to roll!

Got fear of engine or transmission failure on your older H-D®? There are 1100 parts that are covered by the extended warranty plan. Let us help you choose the plan that's right for you.

This is the first time that Harley® has offered anything like this, and it's valid at any HD® dealer, regardless of where you purchased it!
So if you bought a bike from a private party, you bought a used Harley® from a non-Harley® dealer, or your baby is no longer covered by the warranty that came with it... Call us at (770) 945-6011 put those fears to rest!

Cover your bike

The best part of owning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is having the freedom to ride wherever and whenever you choose. Don't spend time worrying about the unexpected. Ride worry-free knowing you're covered by the only H-D® factory approved extended service plan.

The Harley-Davidson® extended service plan protects you from costly repairs for up to an additional 7 years. Protection Includes:

  • Coverage For Over 1,100 Parts

    All repairs will be performed by experts at an H-D® dealership using H-D® genuine motor parts.

  • Expense Reimbursement Package

    If you have a covered breakdown while on the road, you'll receive $75/day (up to $750) for a rental vehicle, $150/day (up to $450) for meal and lodging, and up to $200 for towing to an H-D® dealership

  • Nationwide Repair Location Assistance

    In the event of a covered breakdown, our H-D® Service Center can direct you to the nearest H-D® dealership for repairs.

  • Minimize Unexpected Repair Costs

    A $50 deductible per claim is what you'll pay for a covered repair and no deductible for covered expense reimbursement benefits.

  • Contract Transfer

    Should you ever decide to sell your motorcycle, you can transfer any remaining coverage to the next owner. This can easily increase resale value.

  • Optional Tire & Wheel Coverage

    For an additional surcharge, this coverage will replace tires and wheels if damaged by a covered road hazard.

We are a one stop shop. Walk in and ride away this afternoon!


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Talk to Frazier's Harley-Davidson® about financing your Harley-Davidson® with credit, and get out on the road today.